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What is a cupping massage?

There's are few things more relaxing than enjoying a professional massage to ease your tension and get rid of any stress you're carrying on your body. What is a cupping massage? There are so many different types of massage out there, from a simple neck and shoulder massage to using various oils and ointments and creating a full body experience to remember. Some might even look like they could be painful, but aren't! A prime example of that would be a cupping massage.

What exactly is a cupping massage?
It's in the name! It is using a type of glass/silicone/bamboo/earthenware cups on specific parts of the body that need treatment. The point of using these cups on the skin is to create suction on those particular parts.

What are the benefits of a cupping massage?
When the cups are attached to the problem areas, suction form, and it's basically like pulling all the bad out of your body. Cupping helps with blood flow, general pain, inflammation, and has the same relaxation benefits as that of a deep-tissue massage.

Is this type of massage new?
Not! It might sound like a new form of relaxing massage, but it's been around for centuries. It goes back to ancient times throughout Chinese, Egyptian, and Middle Eastern cultures. Record of the use of cupping as a type of therapy dates all the way back to 1500 B.C.!

I've seen this done with fire before! Is this safe?
100%. As long as your cupping therapy is being done by a trained professional, there should be no worry of severe burns or anything unsafe. The flames never touch your skin as the therapist will either put a flammable substance (alcohol, herbs, etc.) or paper in the cup, set it on fire, and place the cup down on your skin once the fire is out. This is done because as the air cools, it creates a vacuum which provides perfect suction for the cup. If you're not a fan of fire being used, silicone cups are a great alternative since you can squeeze them before placing them on the affected area. Be advised that this method can leave the patient with very minimal burns that could leave them with a slight discomfort after the session.

Will this bruise my skin or make me bleed?
There can be light bruising depending on skin sensitivity. There should be no blood unless "wet cupping" is being done. Wet cupping is when the same process is used with the cups but the therapist will remove the cup after 3 minutes and using a small scalpel will create light, little cuts before replacing the cups and drawing out small bits of blood. During this type of cupping, it's not recommended to use more than 7 cups. 3 to 5 are the ideal number.

Cupping isn't for everyone, but it could be just the thing for someone who needs more than just a simple massage in a spa. An intimidating but highly effective form of massage might be the key!

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