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The Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

The moment you hear, “you’re pregnant,” an overwhelming sense of excitement and anticipation takes over with the realization a new life is developing inside you. Your world is about to change, in ways you may not have even considered. Sure, you expect an expanding waistline but throw in stretch marks, heartburn, leg cramps, swelling and morning sickness; you begin to realize just how uncomfortable this miraculous journey is about to get.

Implementing Massage Therapy during pregnancy can help reduce and relieve many of the uncomfortable symptoms you’ll experience. “When my patients are hurting, the first thing I suggest them to do is to go get a massage,” said Dr. J. Morgan Lloyd, III M.D. FACOG who has been practicing OB/GYN for over 27 years. “I found prenatal massage a superb adjuvant therapy for my pregnant patients.”

Massage Therapy has helped mothers placed on bed rest experience relief from the worries that haunted them and the discomforts associated with skeletal and circulatory changes. Your body is going through a major event. Your skeletal structure begins to change as it takes on more weight, your ligaments start to lengthen and soften, organs shift, and you are on an emotional roller-coaster.  Prenatal Massage helps relieve the pain you feel in your back, neck, shoulder and hip as well as increase circulation and relaxation. It helps oxygenate and rejuvenate you.

Massage lowers stress hormone levels and helps to relieve the fatigue and aches and pains that are so common in pregnancy. I am highly skilled in pregnancy massage. I recommend them to my patients in the prenatal and postnatal stages of pregnancy.

Even after you've given birth, massage therapy helps your body recover. Everything is trying to go back to normal and it’s doing so at a very fast rate. If you’re nursing, your ligaments won’t be back to pre-pregnancy for two years; your body still thinks you’re pregnant, for non-nursing mothers it could take a year. Some women want to start working out to lose the baby fat shortly after they've given birth but your ligaments and muscle tissue are still weak making you more prone to injury. Massage Therapy will help get that good, oxygenated blood back into your system.

We welcome your calls with any questions you have about your changing body during pregnancy. We are here to help you feel more comfortable throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Give us a call today to schedule your soothing and relaxing pregnancy or post natal massage.