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Is a massage okay for older adults?

As we age, our bodies begin to slow down and give us reminders like pain and stiffness. Is massage okay for senior citizens? Seniors sometimes have a difficult time continuing to enjoy physical activities due to chronic ailments like osteoarthritis or Parkinson's disease. Physical activity is exceptionally vital for older adults, however, because exercise improves flexibility, mobility, and even good mental health.

Massage therapy for older adults is an effective way to help alleviate many of the age-related symptoms and conditions we experience. With regular massage therapy, seniors experience improvements in overall quality of life with increased energy levels and an overall healthier and younger feeling.

Massage therapy benefits older adults by:

Increasing blood flow to our extremities - Good circulation becomes increasingly challenging to achieve as we age. Massage therapy provides this most critical benefit for older adults by helping blood flow accurately to the limbs.

Improving our balance and gait - As we age, our bones tend to become stiffer, increasing the risk of falling. Massage therapy's ability to increase healthy blood flow improves our balance and reduces our risk of falls.

Stimulating our nervous system - Massage therapy tells our brain to release endorphins and hormones that are beneficial for a properly functioning nervous system.

Improving our mood - Massage therapy produces feelings of connection and comfort. Combined with the release of happy hormones and endorphins, massage therapy improves our overall mood, making us feel more comfortable and more relaxed.

Increasing flexibility - Massage softens up our tight muscles and joints, giving our bodies a full range of motion and an increased ability to enjoy the physical activities involved in daily living.

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