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How Massage Therapy Completely Healed My Scar Tissue

healing scar tissueBy Laurel Nendza

A few years ago while playing outside with my dog he accidentally ran full speed ahead right into the back of my leg. The pain was intense and I immediately noticed a large indented bruise starting to form on my calf. Over the months the bruise slowly turned back to my normal skin color but it never healed all the way. I had a huge, permanent hard dent in my leg. It was painful to the touch, itchy, very uncomfortable and embarrassing. And it NEVER got any better!

Then I started seeing Kristin Churchill for massage therapy. During our first session she worked her way down to my legs. I told her about the dent and how it had been plaguing me for the last few years. She said it was likely harden old scar tissue and she could break it up and make it go away over time. She advised me to ask my doctor if it would be okay to work on it.

After the go ahead from my doctor she started massaging it during our monthly sessions. At first it was quite painful and she was very gentle. As the months went on it kept getting softer and now it is completely gone! The scare tissue was broken up and I am completely free of the painful spot I assumed I was going to have forever.

Turns out massage therapy is a great way to reduce scar tissues, new and old. Over time scars can harden and stiff under the skin making them very painful. Scaring of jointed areas can even become stiff and reduce motion. Some scars can restrict blood flow and cause other problems such as pinched nerves, numbing and pain, atrophy in surrounding muscles and restrict one's movements.

When the scar is massaged in the proper way it starts to loosen the harden tissue, relax tightening and increase flexibility in the area. When the tissue is loosen, the body reabsorbs it. Massage therapy can even reduce the appearance of superficial scars.

I never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. Of course, like with all medical issues, this should discussed with your doctor first before you begin any massage treatment to your scars.

So if you want a nice relaxing massage and to get rid of old nasty scars contact Kristin Churchill, you will be glad you did!