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Get the Most Out of Your Massage with These Simple but Important Tips!

So you just got a brilliant massage and feel on top of the world. You're relaxed and your muscle feel like melted butter. As you head out the door your massage therapist starts giving you instructions to do afterwards. Like many people you nod and agree, not really paying attention to what she is saying. Is all that stuff really important anyway? Do you really need to pay attention? The answer of course is YES!

Getting a massage is the best way to treat yourself and relieve a whole lotta of stress. We all love that feeling during the massage and right after. Following the instructions that follow is a great way to extend that feeling and get the most out of your massage. So what did she say again? 

Here are a few things you should and should NOT do after a massage:

Drink Water!

One of the best health benefits of a massage is that it helps your body's circulation and lymphatic system.You may have been told that it helps flush out toxins from the body, and that is true! Since we humans are made up of around 60-75% water, we use the water help bring nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the body as well as remove waste products, this includes muscles as well. Without water your body will have a hard time getting the toxins flowing out which will lead to you feeling sluggish with aches and pains. And no cheating, it has to be water, not soft drinks or coffee!

Eat a Light Snack

All this increase in circulation speeds up everything and gets all your organs going, including your stomach. You may have felt light headed right after a massage and that is because your body needs a boost because your blood pressure lowers during a massage. 

A light snack is recommended but NOT a heavy meal because eating a lot tends to slow us down and may feel uncomfortable. A light snack is okay before the massage as well to help stave off any hunger pains during. 

Rest and Relax

You may feel like you can take on the world but now is the time to let yourself rest and relax and take in what just happened. Your muscles have just been through a lot, being squeezed and manipulated. It is almost like they just went through their very own work out session and you never had to move. Now is the time to lay back, watch TV, read a book, or take a nap or even a nice bath. So save the gym for tomorrow and let your muscles recover for the day.

Pay Attention to What Your Body is Saying

As with all of massages, listen to your body and pay attention to how you feel. Sometimes you may hurt a little more if the massage was a little more intense, like a deep tissue. Your massage therapist may give you special instructions such as using a heating pad or ice pack. Soreness is normal but it shouldn't last more than a day or two. Always give feedback to your therapist so she knows she is working the right areas and not to hard or soft. 

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me during our sessions or call me. You deserve to get the best out of your massage and feel amazing afterward!